Quality Assurance Policy

The implementation of the quality assurance policy of the Department of Agriculture involves a series of quality assurance procedures, which ensure that course design and structure of all study cycles meet quality requirements. The Quality Assurance policy is congruent with the principles which foster a quality culture, public accountability, and assumption of responsibility by all Department members. The policy is implemented by deciding, evaluating, and redefining the methods and approaches to achieve high quality in all academic functions.

The quality policy of the Department of Agriculture focuses on enhancing:

  • education and research quality
  • process and service quality
  • working conditions and quality of life of its members
  • transparency at all levels
  • reputation on a social, national, and international level as regards academic performance and mission

The quality policy is carried out by:

  • committing to the legal and regulatory framework of the university
  • establishing, reviewing, redesigning, and redefining its quality assurance goals in compliance with the relevant Department and University policies.

The Quality Assurance policy:

  • supports the organization of the internal quality assurance system,
  • fosters responsibility towards students, and all staff members (academic staff, research associates and administrative staff),
  • upholds academic principles and ethics, fights discrimination, and encourages participation of external bodies in quality assurance processes,
  • enhances learning and teaching processes, research and innovation,
  • ensures that course structure and design as well as staff qualifications meet high quality academic standards in compliance with the special standards set by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (HQA),
  • endorses efficient organization of services and maintenance of buildings and facilities,
  • ensures availability and effective management and distribution of resources.

More specifically, the Department of Agriculture is focused on consistently improving quality of the University study programmes, research and administrative services, by:

  • planning, modifying and improving postgraduate courses and ensuring transparency and participation of all of those involved, in accordance with modern scientific requirements and learning needs to achieve learning outcomes and student qualifications in congruence with the European and National Higher Education Qualifications Framework,
  • enhancing quality and effectiveness of teaching processes by:
    • promoting quality and quantity of the research carried out by the academic staff,
    • ensuring high quality of education by implementing the relevant legislation and regulations as regards academic staff recruitment,
    • improving teaching work by carrying out internal evaluation processes and two annual undergraduate study evaluation in the framework of the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) and in collaboration with the Internal Evaluation Group (IEG) of the Department and the University Quality Assurance Unit (QAU),
    • employing a variety of teaching methods and practices,
    • applying modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT),
    • ensuring productive interaction between students and teaching staff,
    • implementing the course timetable,
    • improving facilities and laboratory equipment,
    • supporting students with Academic Advisors,
    • ensuring access and support of disabled students,
    • encouraging self-study and research,
    • facilitating and supporting student mobility programs.
  • ensuring research quality and quantity by:
  • annually compiling research projects in the framework of internal evaluation processes submitted to the University Quality Assurance Unit (QAU),
  • encouraging the academic staff’s involvement in postgraduate programs, international and national conferences, and research programs
  • supporting staff mobility,
  • building a strong bond between research and agricultural production needs, especially in the region of Western Macedonia,
  • undertaking actions to disseminate research outcomes and good practices,
  • ensuring the quality of administrative processes, QA policy identifies administration problems and submits proposals for improvement.

In addition, the Department fosters respect and tolerance among all members and promotes volunteering.

Extroversion and bonds with the local community are also emphasized by:

  • relating study programs of all cycles and research to production needs
  • disseminating research outcomes and good practices
  • undertaking actions by motivating volunteering among students.

The Department of Agriculture collaborates with the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) and the relevant Internal Evaluation Groups (IEG), assigned with implementing all processes scheduled by the Internal Quality Assurance System, and compiling data and information for internal evaluation reports, which are forwarded to the QAU.

The Quality Assurance Policy of the Department of Agriculture is congruent with the Quality Assurance policy of the University of Western Macedonia (UoWM), which is focused on the concept of multidimensional quality to endorse the fundamental values of scientific progress, student satisfaction, scientific excellence, innovation, and commitment to knowledge dissemination, as described in the Course Guide.

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