1. to select, acquire, and efficiently manage materials, which support educational or other activities
  2. to compile and offer bibliographic information based on users’ needs
  3. to support and promote research, in line with rapid technological advances
  4. to provide information on developments in Library and Information sciences and relevant applications
  5. to apply national and international standards to coordinate its functions with Libraries nation- and worldwide
  6. to manage Library financial and human resources
  7. to offer services to:
    • Academic and Administration Staff
    • Undergraduate and graduate students
    • Researchers
    • The general public
  1. to provide information on:
    • Library functions
    • Library collections
    • Material and Database search
    • Library services include material lending, a reading room, and e-library. The library offers access to books, journals, databases, and the Internet and aims to support the educational processes of the School of Agricultural Sciences.

According to the UoWM Library regulations:

The students of the Department can borrow up to three books and two journals, as long as no previous borrowing is pending, with a lending period depending on availability.

The Academic Staff can borrow up to eight books and four journals for 15 days.

The Administrative Staff can borrow up to three books and two journals for 15 days. Researchers and the general public can use material only in the library.

Address:      Terma Kontopoulou, 35100 Florina
Phone:         23850 54667
University Of Western Macedonia Central Library Website

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