The Farm Department of the School of Agricultural Sciences is an independent department of UoWM. It runs the model farm of the School of Agricultural Sciences (approx. 2,000m2), where crop and animal production tests are carried out. The School farm is located in a group of traditional buildings with laboratories and offices, barns, storehouses, a greenhouse and plantations used for student training. In the University Farm there are also 7 laboratories (2,592m2).

The Farm Department caters for:

  • Providing annual expenses in cooperation with Budgeting department
  • Working on experimental crops (ploughing, sowing, fertilisation, spraying, irrigation, and all kinds of agricultural work
  • Maintaining the greenhouse and cultivating in seedbeds of ornamental – horticultural plants
  • Maintaining greenery plants
  • Maintaining greenery – shrubs in all school surroundings
  • Managing livestock (nutrition, vaccinations and livestock breeding programme)
  • Providing consumables related to plant or livestock
  • Maintaining agricultural machinery and the facilities of the farm’s workshops (electrical, hydraulic, heating)
  • Recording and keeping milk data on a monthly basis
  • Recording and keeping livestock data
  • Controlling the compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract to provide services in the stable facilities of the Farm

Deputy Head: Petrou Achilleas,  telephone: 2385054639, email:

Staff: Kapoulitsas Vasileios, telephone: 2385054645, email:

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